Armani brand, now for kitchens

Giorgio Armani announced this morning during the first presentation of the International Home & Design Fair taking place in Milan, the partnership with reputed Italian luxury furniture company Molteni for the creation of an Armani kitchen. With a retail price of over EUR 110.000, the Armani / Molteni kitchen is custom made, following the design of Mr Armani. It is Armanis most recent licensing venture, after mobile phones, sports shoes, hotels and restaurants.
It might be a well deserved boost for the Armani Casa line, which has been slightly dormant for the past 2 years, lacking in major innovation, therefore with an ebbing international market following.
Some might argue, it is yet another typical licensed / co-branded product, yet we would dare contradict. We find a better synergy between Molteni and Armani Casa, which will give Armani access to the Molteni retail network and an introduction to Moltenis loyal customers.