Are there such things as Romanian luxury brands?

Every time the local press writes about some fashion event made by a local designer, the term “luxury” is immediately associated with the fashion designer, the brand, etc. During the last years, I could also notice that certain designer’s longevity is automatically associated with luxury brands.
In order to situate a brand as being “luxury” it needs: heritage, exclusivity, exceptional quality of all products and services. Until recently, manufacturing was also considered a condition, but production means have changed considerably during the last decades. Another essential element is that of maintaining constant business, including production, sales, marketing, and so on. Constant interaction and close relation to customers is also important.
Should we take into consideration all the above-mentioned details, we could identify very few Romanian luxury brands. We could mention Dan Coma (Dacoma), Cornelia (SPA), Mario Badescu. Some of these brands can be found exclusively abroad. Unfortunately, we cannot place in this category any Romanian fashion brand. ;,