Apple watch sales reach an estimated $6 billion

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Bernstein Research’s estimates that Apple has now sold 12 million smartwatches and similar figures from an Apple analysis site Above Avalon of 13 million smartwatches sold. That’s on par with previous figures – IDC’s estimate was 11.6 million sold in 2015.

And as has been pointed out before the actual year passed, this is double the number of iPhones that were sold in the its first year.

With estimated average sales prices of between $450 and $500, this means Apple could have sold between $5.8 and $6 billion worth of its first wearable.

Fitbit actually beats Apple in terms of wearable tech sales, at least using estimates for the Apple Watch. But its total earnings for 2015 were $1.85 billion, according to its February 2016 investor report.

Apple might be making big money from the Watch (and be ‘outselling’ the first iPhone) but its job isn’t done yet. In our op-ed, we pointed out that Cupertino’s decisions haven’t always helped the Watch improve to the point of becoming a solid, desirable smartwatch.

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