Apple Inc to launch luxury product line in April

Apple Tv which has already made debut at several luxury hotels such as EAST Hong Kong (Swire Hotels), will be part of an exclusive range which will include an iWatch, iPad and iWatch, with a total price tag of $49.000. Angela Ahrendts who recently joined Apple Inc from Burberry will rethink the entire network, creating luxury stores in main capital cities. Rival Samsung has not announced a launch date of its new luxury range, however its house think-tank has been researching and developing the ideal luxury products.

These launches will add to Nokia‘s recent pad, its first ever, the two new iPad’s launches today by Apple Inc (including iPad Air) Huawei revolutional pad to be launched next year  r.

All these gadgets will have a sharp destabilizing factor of global luxury industry will is likely to enter recession in 2014, consumers limiting budgets spent on luxury products. Mots affected luxury sectors: high end luxury leather accessories, especially handbags, jewelry, watches and yachts.