An Exotic and Luxurious Trading Method is Booming due to the Slowing Global Economy and the Low Interest Rate on Savings

You have probably heard terms like slow economy and recession thrown about in the media. But how do you know that the economy really is slowing? There are definitely some signs that tell you that the economy is a great, but even if you recognize that to be the case – what exactly are you supposed to do about it? More importantly, why are some of the richest people still having success – even more success in a slow economy? Let’s discuss some of the signs of a slow economy and explore why some rich people are still getting richer and how you can follow in their footsteps.

Signs of a Slow Global Economy

The first sign of a slowing economy that were going to cover is what is happening with corporate America and the stock market. For example, profit margins in the corporate world were at their peak in 2014. They have been going down ever since then and that makes some economists think that we are going into a recession. In addition, corporate reports have bad news consistently and that is making some stocks go way down. Junk bonds are also crashing on Wall Street, which is a sign of what is to come.

Another sign that you can use to measure just where the economy is headed is the number of job cuts that happen in the United States. In January, job cuts went up by 218%. Unfortunately, when the economy is bad and looking like it is going to get worse, some employers choose to cut jobs, which leaves the people who had those jobs without an income. However, it is clear that the business owner has to do something. Fourteen months in a row now, factory orders in the United States have gone down. Even restaurants are having trouble. The Restaurant Performance Index is now lower than it has been at any point in the past eight years.

But some wealthy people aren’t seeing the effects of the economy at all. That’s because they have a plan in place to hedge their portfolio so that if something like this happens, they will see a detrimental effect on their portfolio. Also, investors are turning to a new exotic and luxurious trading method called binary options, not because there is less risk involved, but because of the chances to multiply their investment in a relatively short time.

At times of uncertainty, when banks offer low interest rates on savings, the rich (like always) find the loophole first. Some trading platforms, such as Binary Uno for example, offer the options to trade using bitcoins, and you know what that means, the rich and famous know that too (at least since 2011).

guest post by Olga Haritonova

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