Aman to open in Tokyo first city hotel, December 2014

Scheduled to open 22nd December, 2014, AMAN Tokyo occupies the top six floors of the recently-built Otemachi Tower.  Not only marking Aman’s presence in Japan, Aman Tokyo also takes the brand to 27 properties worldwide. Located in the prestigious financial district of Otemachi, Aman Tokyo features 84 rooms and suites each with panoramic city views.

A peaceful inner garden and a serene Aman Spa and swimming pool complete the elevated sanctuary.  Occupying levels 33-38 of the Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo offers scenic views of the Imperial Palace Gardens and surrounding landmarks, as well as easy access to all points of interest in the city including the renowned Ginza shopping district.

The centrepiece of the reception and soaring nearly 30 metres high, is a majestic architectural feature resembling the interior of a Japanese paper lantern.  The vast expanse measures 40 metres long by 11 metres wide.  Created with layers of textured Washi paper and stretched with the Shoji frame, the Lantern rises six floors through the centre of the building.  During the day, it allows diffused sunlight to illuminate the reception, while in the evenings the ambience evolves via a series of orchestrated lighting scenes.

Beneath the Lantern is the hotel’s inner garden.  Celebrating the creative and cultural tradition of Japan is the prominent Ikebana, a disciplined art form in which materials such as living branches, leaves and blossoms are carefully arranged to represent a closeness with nature.  This sits atop a calming water feature and is complemented by two traditional Japanese rock gardens.  Designed to reflect the feeling of Zen, the rock gardens feature boulders from northern Japan, are minimal in design and intended to calm the mind, drawing it away from everyday concerns towards an appreciation for nature in the raw.  The inner garden is surrounded by an engawa, a Japanese term for a wooden space between the garden and living areas in traditional homes.