Aman Resorts’ Amanzoe, a majestic resort and a tribute to Greek heritage

A place which dates back to the 6th century BC, where people would travel thousands of miles to slumber in the hopes of having the god of Asklipeios appear to them in their dreams to cure their diseases (remains of Enkoimitirion)…a place where people believed in the power of theatre to heal the mind and the spirit (Epidavros)…a place renowned for the most pure olive oil and honey… a place where Homer discovered his passion as a winemaker….a place surrounded by mountains and fields which stretch as far as the eye can see, with glimpses of the sea….Welcome to Amanzo’e!, Aman Resorts‘ heavenly, newly opened resort in Greece.

From architecture to food, from SPA to lush olive tree gardens, from wellness to concierge and most importantly service, Amanzo’e is more than just a resort, it is a sanctuary for healing your body and soul, an invitation for reflection and meditation, a idyllic home away from home, a place beyond luxury…

With activities ranging from wellness (SPA, yoga, tennis, fitness), a day at the beach (The Beach Club), sunbathing by the main pool, a speedboat cruise at sunset, a visit to the islands of Hydra and Spetses (less than a hour away), an exploratory trip through history in nearby ancient town of Nafplion, a wine tasting in an authentic vineyard, a ”Honey Bee Picnic” – experiencing beekeeping, including a Bee Museum, Amanzoe meets the demands of the most discerning traveller.

At Amanzo’e, architecture is as well a feast for the eye as it is functional and comfortable. Amazoe is majestic in every sense – there are more than 500 columns throughout the entire resort, wood covered high ceilings, marble doors, working fireplaces (main restaurant, lobby and in every pavillion) and an infinite variety of marble and stones. Functional details include marble walls or doors with a stunning effect when sunlight shines through, especially at sunset as well as sophisticated soft lighting throughout public spaces, gardens and pavillions. Among the highlights of the resort are: Amanzoe’s very own Epidavros amphitheatre, which I discovered to be the ultimate relaxation spot, following a most relaxing massage with pure grape seed oil  in the SPA (taking in the sun and savouring the light breeze of the sea) and secondly, Amazoe’s library, yet another sanctuary of meditation and reflection, with its exquisit marble walls, wooden details and the most comfortable leather furniture.

The SPA at Amanzo’e, is not only the largest among all Aman Resorts, but also one of the finest SPAs to blend ancient Greek SPA elements Asian and Western elements. Some of the treats at the SPA include the Greek facial based on yoghurt and honey; aromatherapy using pure locally produced oils from olives, grapeseed and orange – all with the ultimate anti-aging, anti-oxidant, hydrating and relaxing effects; an authentic hamman experience and a watsu pool. Each treatment room has its own changing area, shower, steam and relaxation area and most are for couples. From Spring next year, the SPA will be introducing SPA journeys, for example, with programs of five days.

Most of the foods are locally sourced and organic, a true endulgence for your senses of an exceptional quality – breakfast includes honey, dairy and organic eggs (the menus includes the names of the local farmers who source each produce)  lunch and dinner menus feature fish and seafood, most of it caught, on the day. The quality of is exceptional. And so is the service – attentive, intuitive, warm and most importantly genuine. At the time of my stay, less than 2 months from opening, I was truly impressed with the quality of service throughout the entire resort, one of the ”secrets” that makes Aman Resorts, the ultimate luxury resort operator, worldwide.

All of the 38 pavillions at Amanzoe are impressive in size, each with private terraces and pools (the deluxe Pavillions have slightly larger pools) and huge marble bathrooms, with bathtubs and double glass enclosed showers with a natural light ceiling atrium. The views are spectacular and lounging on you terrace, sunbathing and observing nature provide the most calming and soothing moments. During daytime, the floor to ceiling windows, the array of white and grey marble make up for a refreshing experience, while during the night, the wooden sliding panels (there are no curtains or sheers) instill an air of warmth and cozyness. Modern amenities are not overlooked either – wi-fi internet throoughout the entire resort (except the SPA), large flat TVs with a wide range of TV channels and individually controlled panel for lighting and blinds.

Pavillion with private terrace and infinity pool – Amanzoe, Greece

Less than 10 minutes by the hotel car (on request and complimentary) is Amanzoe’s Beach Club, its very own private beach in a beautiful bay, with a restaurant open for lunch and dinner as well as two swimming pools with sunbeds. Besides the two speedboats of Amanzoe, ”parked” in the bay, there was also a luxurious 3 storey yacht, at the time I was visiting. Guess what? They docked just to have lunch at the Beach Club - that I call ultimate luxury!

With Greece’s mild weather even in winter, the Amanzoe is an ideal choice for the Autumn months – till the end of October up to 30 celsius during the day and 15-20 during the night and early morning. November and December is also mild, with plenty of sunshine and, compared to most of Europe, with temperatures of up to 20 degrees during the day. The Amanzoe is perfectly equipped for the colder months, not only with fireplaces but also a wide range of SPA treatments.

For me, Amanzoe has been a true journey of rediscovering Greece and seeing Greece through different eyes. I believe, today, the opening of Amanzoe is also testiment to Greece’s historical strength and resilience to overcome hardships and challenges of all kinds – a country which does not only relate to its past but which is capable of reinventing itself (the visionary behind Amanzoe is a young Greek entrepreneur, who dreamt of an Aman Resort and turned his dream in reality after almost 12 years)

Oliver Petcu at Amanzoe (Argolida, Greece)

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