Adolfo Dominguez reports 17,4% sales increase in Q1 of 2017

Spanish fashion label Adolfo Dominguez reported €22.7 million ($25 million) in sales in the first quarter ended May, up 17.4% on the previous year, it notified on Thursday to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission.

The clothing company saw sales increase across all regions, with 17.7% growth in Spain followed by 15.7% in Europe. Sales in Mexico grew by 33.4%, while Japan experienced a revenue uplift of 11.3%. In the rest of the world, Adolfo Dominguez increased sales by 15.4%.

The designer fashion brand said the quarterly revenue results reflect the successful relaunch of the business, however it highlighted that it still has work to do in terms of management and performance.

Adolfo Dominguez has 505 stores in 30 countries and 1,405 employees. The company ended last year with revenue of €110 million, up 8.9% on 2015.

Adolfo Dominguez