A Zoo, Doha’s next desperate attempt in its quest to build a tourism destination

After introducing complimentary city tours to transit passengers on Qatar Airways (an attempt already made which showed mixed results by Turkish Airlines with Istanbul), Doha is not just pursuing the construction of over 20 luxury hotels, but also the construction of a Zoo. Contracts worth $32.4m have been awarded this week for the construction of a Zoo (probably air-conditioned).

Spanning an area of over 75 hectares, the new zoo will boast a drive-through safari displaying animals and plants from around the world in environment’s set to mirror natural habitats of an African savannah, an Asian jungle and a South American rainforest. Facilities will include hotels; a unique land bridge to allow the animals to roam to the adjacent Aspire Park; an educational and conservation discovery centre; and multiple entertainment and food and beverage outlets.

Doha plans future Zoo