A super shiny car makes a happy driver!

MR CAP Romania

Spring has come and it’s time to give your car back that new, shiny and clean look. After a long winter with harsh weather, snow, acid rain, dirt and regular wear and tear, your car deserves the best service possible, a service that makes your car look even more glamorous than when it was new!

Are you wondering where you can find the finest and most exclusive service? Then I welcome you to a nice car appearance & restyling shop in Bucharest, at Soseaua Pipera No 48. As a Membership of CPP-Luxury, I now give you the best spring offer ‘2for1’ as well: for an ExteriorService FormulaU™ booked, you get an InteriorService™ included!*.

To a better understanding, FormulaU it’s an unique service, a professional surface treatment for your car’s paint which lasts several years, no matter if you have a brand-new or older car. It includes a deep cleaning of the paint, removal of surface scratches and paint protection. It’s shine-all effect will be easily comparable or more attractive to a very new car. The ExteriorService includes also a professional cleaning of the engine and machine room and it comes with a minimum of one year guarantee on the paint protection.

The InteriorServiceoffers a meticulous chemical deep cleaning & impregnation of your car’s leather and textile interior against common dirt and staining and includes also a careful cleaning of floor, windows, panels and trunk.

It’s all about patented ingredients and techniques, 20 years of experience and Swedish seriousness.

Want to see some amazing results? Go to: http://www.youtube.com/mrcapromania

How do you feel now? Is your car shiny enough to make you really happy of driving it?