7132 Hotel – new luxury hotel to open in the Vals valley in Switzerland

The 91 guest rooms in the hotel have been specially designed by a curated list of world-class architects. The varying themes of each room have been carefully selected and crafted by Pritzker prize-winning designersTadao Ando (designs provide an homage to Japanese teahouses), Thom Mayne (designs provide a three-dimensional spatial experience), and Peter Zumthor (designs involve stucco lustro with a modern touch), along with Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma (designs are inspired by the finesse of Japanese carpentry).

Another significant feature of the hotel are the magnificent thermal baths, an internationally acclaimed architectural masterpiece created by Peter Zumthor. Made from 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite, the thermal baths were classified as a listed building shortly after completion. The unique atmosphere and the highly mineralized water that comes out of St. Peter’s spring at a pleasant 30° Celsius makes the time guests spend in the baths a deeply relaxing experience.

From a gastronomic perspective, 7132 Hotel offers a range of restaurants that offer a variety of culinary delights. For a romantic evening, «7132 Silver» offers Michelin-rated cuisine in a modern setting. For those seeking comfort food, «7132 daPapà» serves up favourites such as pizza, pasta, and great wines. «7132 Red» offers a snappy and modern casual dining atmosphere with its heavy red drapery and black & white checked furniture, while «7132 Blue» is the perfect spot to grab a light lunch, aperitif, or refreshing cocktail.

All in all, this idyllic location in the Swiss mountains offers something for everyone. In the winter, guests can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snow-shoeing in addition to relaxing in the thermal baths and spas. Regardless of the agenda, 7132 Hotel is a romantic and relaxing escape hidden in the Swiss mountains that is not to be missed.