2014 #inspirationluxury Restrospective by CPP-LUXURY.COM

#inspirationluxury is the ultimate tool for luxury marketers in grasping trends and ideas for communications / branding campaigns in any luxury section. Here is our 2014 retrospective pick:

1. David Lachapelle – two important international exhibitions

2. Audrey Hepburn wearing a Givenchy gown in 1959
3. James Franco for his role in The Interview

4. Scot Sother, ”Low Life” photography exhibition

5. Maryam L’Ange, Chloë Sevigny — “The Beckoning” Film – watch here

6. Brides? by Vera Wang – American brands expands globally

7. Aston Martin Lagonda – GCC becomes second best global market for the brand

8. David & Victoria Beckham – from fashion to whiskeys and restaurants, the Beckhams are unstoppable

9. Venice of Cuba – with the US agreeing on new relationship terms – the beauty of the country will be a magnet for US  travels

Oliver Petcu in Bucharest