2012 edition of BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM to take place October 8 in Moscow, Russia

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

CPP announces the 2012 edition of its annual event BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM will take place in Moscow, Russia. First organized in 2004, the event is a platform for luxury industry executives as well as private and institutional investors in a luxury business. Unlike most other international luxury business events, BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM covers all luxury sectors, this year’s focus being retail (fashion, accessories, jewellery, watches) and hospitality.

The event will focus on Russia’s luxury market, with an in depth look at its potential, covering opportunities, challenges and trends. CPP aims to attract to the event over half of the attendees from the major Russian cities outside Moscow – retailers, developers, entrepreneurs in a luxury sector.

With the occasion of BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM 2012, CPP will present the Luxury Market Report Russia, a comprehensive analysis of each luxury sector and the consumer profile. The report is a vital instrument for international luxury brands, already present or interested to expand in Russia, to understand the potential of the Russian luxury market.

Among the topics which will be discussed and debated at BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM RUSSIA are:

- the differences in luxury consumer profile between Moscow and the major Russian cities outside Moscow

- how can Russian consumers be motivated to buy more locally

- efficient marketing communications campaigns (case studies of luxury brands with a direct operations presence in Russia)

- the growing mix and match trend

- measure against counterfeiting of luxury goods

- the impact of a possible ”tax on wealthy”

The event will include four sections: morning media briefing; forum / debate (day time); professional luxury business seminars (afternoon) and an evening black tie cocktail with no media presence.

Further details can be found on the event website www.businessofluxuryforum.com