2010, a record year for BMW in Romania

An aggressive strategic marketing campaign coupled by a high level of customer service provided the success recipe for BMW, the Romanian market leader on luxury SUV’s and overall new luxury cars delivered in 2010. BMW sold 1574 new units in 2010 compared to 1138 new units delivered in 2009, defying the current crisis affecting most of its direct competitors. BMW X6 and X5 remain the highest selling models of the brand in Romania with a total of 721 units sold in 2010, compared to 511 units sold in 2009, which proves once again the preference towards large cars rather than smaller ones.

Ionela Velterean, BMW’s Marketing Manager for Romania indicates that sustainable development and efficiency are the main drivers of success for the brand, perfectly responding to the changing profile of the luxury car consumer. Velterean says consumers are no longer impulse buyers and pay more attention as to how their investment will perform in the long term when it comes to purchasing a new car. BMW’s ”Service Inclusive” program which has been operational since 3 years ago is now proving to be an essential draw for the savvy consumer.